Get Your Plumbing and Heating Systems Ready for Fall

Pleasanton, CA, isn’t the coldest place on earth but having your heating and plumbing systems checked in the fall is still essential for the overall maintenance of your home.  If you have annual maintenance checks on your HVAC system and plumbing system, then fall is the best time so that you are always ready for any inclement weather that can happen.  Having repairs, replacements, and new installations done in the fall months is more comfortable because it isn’t in the heat of the winter and it is usually before any storms hit the area. 

Heating System Check-Up

  • Before you have a professional show up to inspect your HVAC system this fall, consider examining it yourself so you can alert the HVAC technician to anything that looks like it needs attention.
  • Walk around the outdoor equipment on your property so that you can clear the equipment from any leaves, debris, or other items that may be around your heating equipment.  The space for your HVAC system should have a perimeter that is always cleared.
  • Make sure the vents of your heating and air conditioning system outside are cleared from leaves, small twigs, and other items.
  • Have all the vents inside your home uncovered and inspect them for dust and debris. 

Plumbing System Check-Up

  • Check all the pipes in your home for leaks or discoloration.  If you find a pipe that looks like it shifted, this may cause noises when your plumbing is in use.  A plumber can get it leveled again so that it isn’t a continued issue.
  • Inspect all the faucets inside and outside your home.  Monitor them to make sure they aren’t leaking and don’t drip water.  Not only will you see your water bill increase steadily if you have a dripping faucet, but you will also have a higher likelihood of frozen pipes if there is a freeze this winter.
  • Run your garbage disposal to make sure that it works properly and doesn’t release any smells or odd sounds.  If it does, have a plumber check to make sure it works well, and you have clean drains. 
  • If you have clogged or slow drains, alert your plumber to the problem when he arrives for preventative maintenance checks.
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