Typical Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer in Pleasanton, CA is an exciting time to entertain, have guests visit, and take those long-awaited road trips.  Summer is also a great time to have the plumbing in your home inspected so that you can be sure that your home is ready for additional work in the summer months.

  1. Watch your disposal this summer. Many people hold dinners and events at their homes in the summer months, which raises the chances of clogged garbage disposal.  Consider instituting a compose for your trees, flowers, and garden.  Raw vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells are all good for the soil.
  2. Sewer lines back up more in the summer because of rain or flooding from the city line. Having your drains cleaned in the summer can help get rid of any clogs in your sewer line, so it is harder for the sewer to back up to the interior of your home.  You also may have a sewer back up because of a clog or tree roots.  Cleaning of your line can help you avoid the hassle of sewage in your home.
  3. Your washing machine may leak or get a kink in the hose. Inspect your appliances and plumbing that runs to and from them every month, so you don’t have structural damage from leaking.
  4. A clogged toilet is something that happens more often in the summer because your toilet is used more often if you have children on a break from school or guests that visit. If you can’t get the clog to move with a plunger, call Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air for help getting the clog to move.
  5. You may have a leak due to a damaged sprinkler system. This is usually because of mowing the lawn and running over a sprinkler head.  Inspect your sprinkler system regularly so that you can tell right away if it isn’t working properly.   Get in the habit of marking your sprinkler heads with small flags if you mow or have a landscaping service tend to your lawn.
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