Five Warning Signs You May Need a Plumber ASAP

Plumbing tends to be one of those things homeowners don’t pay much attention to until there’s a
problem. If you’ve experienced a slight difference in the way your plumbing looks, sounds, or
functions, it may be a sign of larger issues to come.

If you experience one of these five signs, it is important to contact a plumber as soon as possible,
to prevent further issues:

  • Multiple slow drains. One slow drain can often be explained by a clog or other minor
    issue you can easily rectify yourself. However, if multiple drains in your home have
    slowed, you may have a more severe blockage that needs to be addressed by a plumber. If
    only the drains on the bottom floor are slowed, you may be experiencing a sewer
  • Gurgling or bubbling toilets. A gurgling toilet indicates that air is escaping back into the
    toilet, likely due to a blockage of some sort in your sewer line. If the sound persists, or
    multiple toilets begin gurgling, you can be even more sure the blockage is in the line
    instead of the toilet itself.
  • Persistent low water pressure. If all or most faucets in your home experience frequent or
    persistent low water pressure, there may be corrosion or buildup within the pipes.
    Alternatively, low water pressure can result from a leak somewhere within your home’s
    plumbing system.
  • Water sounds. If you frequently hear water sounds within your home’s pipes when there
    seems to be no water running, you likely have a leak. In addition, a sudden, unexplained
    increase in your water bill can provide further evidence of a leak, as can a recent increase
    in mold or mildew formation.
  • Sewage odor. The smell of sewage, or rotten eggs, isn’t an easy sign to ignore, nor should
    it be. Contact a plumber immediately to locate the source and address any issues with
    your sewer system.

Plumbing issues are rarely pleasant, but it is important to address these five signs as soon as you
notice them. Contacting a plumber as soon as possible can save you from paying for more severe
issues down the road.