Things To Know About Energy Conservation

Reducing heating bills

heating conservation tipsWant to cut your heating bills by 7 to 12 percent a year? Install an automatic setback thermostat. It can be programmed to lower the heat or cool the air while everyone is out during the day or when they are snug in bed at night; it turns the system on just before you get home or at daybreak.

Conservation tips

Want a cheap heat reflector to insert behind radiators and baseboard convectors?  Tape heavy-duty aluminum foil to a panel of insulation board.

Radiators or baseboard convectors not delivering heat efficiently?  Dust and dirt buildup may be inhibiting heat flow.  Every couple of months, turn the radiators or convectors off, let them cool down, then vacuum them with a crevice attachment and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Save energy dollars by wrapping insulation around the pipes leading to radiators and convectors.

Opening windows to cool rooms overheated by steam radiators wastes heat and money.  Have your reliable Pleasanton plumbing and heating contractor install radiator thermostats; they maintain a set temperature.  The cost varies widely; shop around for the best price.

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