Spring Maintenance For Your Heating & Cooling System

14344573_sAs soon as the spring sun starts showing itself, most of us are inspired to open up the house and think about the projects and spring cleaning chores that need to be done. During the cold winter months we go into hibernation mode and do what we can to stay warm and cozy. Once the sun begins to shine it is time to be warmed up outside and cooled off inside.

The indoor environment of your home changes with the seasons and you count on your HVAC system to work efficiently with each change. However, in order for that to happen your HVAC system needs regular maintenance and springtime is the perfect time to schedule it!

During an HVAC maintenance appointment your professional licensed technician will:

  1. Replace or clean the HVAC filters. The filters inside of your HVAC system filter out allergens and particulates from the air as well as catching dust and dirt. If dust and dirt accumulate on the internal components of your system this can cause a fire hazard and will make your system sluggish
  2. Check heat source connections, pressure, and combustion. If any of these components are dirty or corroded it can lead to improper working or a fire hazard
  3. Make sure the thermostat is working properly. The heating and the cooling functions of your HVAC system are told by the thermostat when to turn on. If you set the thermostat to the desired temperature and it is not working properly you could wind up with overusing your system and definitely with a room that is not your desired temperature.
  4. Check refrigerant levels. If the levels are too low the system could overheat and will definitely work too hard to get the temperature to the thermostat setting.

The HVAC system in your home is a very important appliance. During the summer heat not having a properly working air conditioner is extremely uncomfortable and for some people it could even be dangerous. Being proactive during the spring and having your whole system serviced is the best way to ensure that when the temperature begins to rise – your HVAC system rises to the occasion!

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