End Of Summer Safety Tips

38385035_sWhile the first day of fall is just around the corner, there are still plenty of warm days of summer left. Many people enjoy to spend this time in their swimming pool, or turning down the temperature on their hot tub to enjoy evening dips.

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat and enjoy time with friends and family. Having cookouts by the pool or, enjoying a cool drink in a lounge chair. However, this fun in the sun can quickly be interrupted by an electrical injury if proper water and safety tips are not followed:

Here are some safety recommendations that you and your family can follow to stay safe around the pool, and still use some electrical appliances and equipment:

  • Whenever it is possible, make sure to use appliances and equipment that are battery-operated if you are going to be near the swimming pool. This dramatically reduces the chances of an unexpected accident. This is especially true if you have children who may not know the dangers of electricity and water. A battery operated radio accidently tossed into the pool will not harm anyone.
  • If you are using extension cords on your patio, make sure they are wrapped up and stowed away. Having extension cords that are laid out across the patio can create a dangerous situation for people when they are walking across the patio or deck. Also, an over-zealous pet could easily get caught on an extension cord and drag the appliance that it is plugged into near or inside of the pool.
  • Have regular inspections of the electricity and electrical outlets that are outside of your home. The outside access to your electrical system can easily be damaged or corroded by pests, debris, and the elements. Your pool’s lighting, heat pump, and other electrical equipment can become damaged and frayed, which will create a dangerous situation. Make sure to have annual inspections of your outdoor electricity.

Having fun in the swimming pool is one of the best parts of the summer months. Stepping out into your backyard and instantly having an oasis to enjoy a nice dip in the pool is a great luxury. Keep yourself and your family safe by following these electrical safety tips around the pool.

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