Five Signs Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned

One of the front lines in a plumbing system running efficiently is the drainage system. When the system works, everything flows smoothly. Rivers Plumbing in Pleasanton, CA have put together this list of the top warning signs something is wrong with your drains so you would know when to call for professional help. Read on and be sure to ask us about DIY cleaning tips you can try at home.


1.Slow Drainage

If your sinks or tub aren’t draining quickly, something may be wrong with your plumbing. You may notice it after a shower when the water takes forever to drain. Ever opened your washing machine to find it’s still full of water? The bottom of the dishwasher? All of these signs tell you one thing: your drains aren’t working correctly.


2.Water Backups

Slow drains mean water will start coming back up into your home. Have ever heard the toilet gurgle when no one is doing anything with it? Have you gone to take a bath and found water already in the tub with the drain standing open? If this happens, it’s time to get the drains checked.


3.Sewage Smell

One way you can tell a drain isn’t working is the one way no one wants to experience. You come home and it smells like a skunk took up residence in your home. After checking to make sure an actual skunk hasn’t moved in, you follow the source to the bathroom and, boy, is it bad! Call for help the instant you get this olfactory warning.


4.Small Flies

If you find fruit flies hanging out around your drains, it means waste is piling up in your pipes. Annoying at first, they will pose a health risk when they find your kitchen. Drain flies are another nuisance that tell you something is wrong in your drains as they sometimes breed in stopped pipes.


5.Odd Noises

If you ever hear strange sounds coming from your walls you may be hearing sewage from clogged drains or pests who’ve find their way into your system. Call a professional immediately in these situations.


If you are experiencing any of these problems in your Pleasanton, CA home, call Rivers Plumbing today to get our emergency professionals on site immediately.