Best Times to Do Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs and Upgrades

Rivers Plumbing, Heating and Air understands what our Pleasanton, CA, clients expect from their heating and air conditioning systems. While regular upkeep and care can keep a furnace or air conditioning system running smoothly for years, failures and other issues can happen and replacements are in order. If you’re wondering about buying a new furnace or air conditioner, you’re probably thinking about the best time of year to get a good deal on your new unit.


Should I Buy in the Winter?

If you do some research on the best times of the year to buy a new air conditioning system, you’ll probably come across many people who claim that it’s best to buy in winter, when air conditioning demand isn’t as high. While many people believe that air conditioning companies are slower during the winter months, this isn’t exactly true. They may not have much air conditioning work in the winter, but they’re likely to be just as busy with furnace repairs in winter as they are with air conditioning calls in the summer. While you may find some seasonal discounts, the best time to buy a new air conditioner or furnace is when your unit requires repair.


Why Bundling Upgrades Is Better

You can save time and money when you choose to replace both your air conditioning system and furnace at the same time. These systems work with each other, so replacing them together means you won’t have to worry about incompatibility issues later. You also won’t have to worry about an additional home improvement project down the road. You can handle your furnace and air conditioning upgrades at the same time.


The best time to purchase a new appliance is during the off-season, and for heating and air conditioning systems, that means spring or fall. If you’re considering replacing one of those systems, it’s worth investigating how much more it would cost to do both instead. It may be a greater one-time expense, but it will likely save you additional service calls and frustration in the future. Contact Rivers Plumbing, Heating and Air today for a quote on your new air conditioning system or furnace.