Save Energy and Money This Spring with These Five Tips

Homeowners in the Pleasanton, California area may be planning an assortment of spring cleaning projects for the interior and exterior of their homes, but many forget to add plumbing maintenance to their list of cleaning tasks.


However, not tending to the needs of your plumbing system can result in severe issues in the long run, so it is important for homeowners in the Pleasanton area to take the basic measures to ensure their pipes are functioning properly. Taking the time to pursue maintenance now can help you recognize small plumbing issues and get them resolved before they become critical emergencies. Help your plumbing function optimally this spring with the following tips for upkeep.


  1. When it comes to discovering problems in your plumbing system, remember that small leaks can cause severe problems. Therefore, all homeowners should remain observant of any indications of a plumbing issue. Watch out for leaking faucets, damp cupboards, leaking refrigerators, all of which are significant warning signs.


  1. If you notice a problem, get it repaired immediately rather than waiting. A leaky faucet is not only a nuisance, but the moisture it disburses can cause the development of rust, mildew, and mold. Remain aware of any issues to keep your home sanitary and dry.


  1. If your plumbing system fails, it is vital for homeowners to know how to stop the flood and prevent excessive water damage. Be sure you know where the central shut-off valve is, so you can turn off your home’s water supply if necessary. In addition, make sure you can get to its location quickly and have all the tools you need to shut it down as fast as possible if a problem occurs. This can help you save your home from sustaining costly water damage when facing an emergency.


  1. Understand how to shut off all water-utilizing appliances such as toilets, sinks and washing machines in your home. If they fail, knowing how to shut them down swiftly and efficiently can prevent major water leaks and needless damage.