What Temperature Should You Choose for Your Home This Fall

Fall is well underway here in temperate California, and while the area may lag behind much of the country when it comes to cooler weather, cooler days are approaching. Soon, you’ll be able to give your air conditioner a much-needed break (if you haven’t already) and transition to a more moderate approach to your home’s heating and cooling.

How Can You Keep Your Home Comfortable This Fall?

Many people switch directly from air conditioning to heating in the fall, in an effort to keep their homes at one constant temperature. However, according to the Department of Energy, this is not the best approach when it comes to your wallet. Instead, you can save on heating and cooling costs – and stay comfortable in the process – by adopting a smart fall and winter home heating strategy.

In general, start with the following thermostat settings for optimal cash savings:

  • A range of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit during the day when there is someone home
  • 62 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit at night, or when nobody is home

Of course, sticking to the lower end of this spectrum is best – in fact, you can expect as much as a 1% reduction in your energy bill for each degree you are able to lower your thermostat. However, your family’s comfort is just as important as cost savings. If you or a family member just feel more comfortable at a higher thermostat setting, start there – then, use these steps to gradually lower your temperatures and your energy bills.

  1. Begin the season at your family’s desired temperature and allow it to remain that way until you’ve acclimated to the change in weather.
  2. Lower your thermostat by one degree each week. If you’re able to maintain the lower temperature for at least 8 hours, you’ll capture energy savings.
  3. Establish lower temperatures at night and while you are away from your home – and stick to them.
  4. Over time, maintain the temperature settings for longer time periods.

Need Help?

While you can certainly manually adjust your thermostat each time, achieving lower energy bills is made much easier with a programmable thermostat. In addition, you’ll want to be sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently no matter which temperature you choose. For programmable thermostat advice, fall HVAC maintenance, and any other concerns regarding your system, call the experts at Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air – dial (925) 846-6000.

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