Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Heater

The winter months have officially arrived, and your heater is probably in regular use. When the weather is cold, there’s nothing worse than an HVAC system experiencing serious damage or breaking down. 

Although you should be maintaining your HVAC system year-round, it’s especially crucial when you’re putting so much stress on your heater. 

Heater Maintenance Tips

There are a few components to maintaining your heating system, both during the winter and year-round. Fortunately, most of these tasks are quick and easy to perform – all while reducing the risk of HVAC system mishaps, many of which can be costly to repair. 

Change Your System’s Filters

You should be changing your HVAC system filters on a regular basis. This is essential to keeping your system clean and keeping allergens out of your vents. When a filter becomes blocked, the entire system needs to work harder to warm your property. This can result in significant wear and tear. 

Keep Your Furnace and Vents Clean

It’s easy for dust to get into your furnace. Still, this should be prevented, whenever possible. Regularly sweep around the area or vacuum. When dust accumulates on the floor, it can eventually find its way into the vents and heating system. 

A clean furnace and vents can also improve the air quality throughout your home. 

Keep Your Property Well-Sealed

When air leaks start to develop, your heating system needs to work harder and consume more energy. This can lead to higher heating bills. 

If you discover any holes in your ducts or vents, seal them to prevent warm air from leaking out. Drafty windows should also be sealed with insulating film. 

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