Why Is My Heating Bill So High

Utility bills can increase in the winter months. The increase in cost is commonly due to the increase in demand. The colder weather makes you more dependent on your heating system. You may be home more or entertaining more, which puts a greater demand on your plumbing system. While it can be expected to notice a slight increase, a major jump in your heating bill could be a red flag that you are dealing with a serious issue.

What Impacts My Heating Bill?

Whether you have a gas or electrical heating system, you want to ensure your system is operating at its best to ensure you have the heat you need without breaking the bank. A variety of factors, including the following, could impact your heating bill:

  • Poor insulation and cracked seals. This is a common culprit of an increased heating bill. Poor insulation can cause your heating system to kick in more than necessary to try and maintain a certain temperature. It is beneficial to check the seals of all windows and doors to ensure there isn’t a draft. Any cold air coming in also indicated hot air coming out. 
  • Outdated system. The efficiency of your heating system can greatly impact your heating bill. Most systems have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on the brand, model, and type of system. An older system may not have the same efficiency benefits as a newer system. Depending on the age and performance of your heating, it may be a worthwhile investment to replace your old system with a newer, more efficient system. 
  • Lack of maintenance. Your heating system benefits from regular maintenance. This includes cleaning or replacing air vents, checking duct work, and ensuring everything are operating as efficiently as possible. Something as simple as a clogged air duct can impact the performance of your entire system. A poorly performing system often leads to an increased heating bill. 

Let the Professionals Help

If your heating bill is higher than usual, let us help. We can assess the condition of your current system, as well as provide any maintenance, repairs, or replacements that you may need. Contact us today to learn how we can help lower your monthly heating bill. 

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