5 Signs Your AC Is Broken

In summer, there’s nothing better than relaxing with an air conditioner. It keeps your house cool even as temperatures rise. Unfortunately, air conditioners don’t last forever, and they can malfunction or die just like any other appliance. Look for these signs if you want to know the status of your air conditioner.

Warm Air

Your AC is meant to provide cold air, so if the air coming out is warm or even hot, something is very wrong. This can be the result of restricted airflow or an issue with the compressor. Either way, it needs a professional to fix or replace it.

No Air

Another serious issue is when your AC isn’t providing air at all. Whether due to a blockage or due to a stuck or broken blower, when your air conditioner can’t produce any air, it’s time to call a professional.

Leaking or Humid Air Coming Out

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air and condense it to cool it down, so it’s natural for there to be some dampness. However, if your air conditioner is pooling water, or if the air coming out feels humid, something wrong must be addressed.

Strange Noises

If an appliance is making a noise that it shouldn’t, odds are, there’s a malfunction. If you hear loud, strange, or sudden noises from your air conditioner, check it out immediately.

Strange Smells

Your AC shouldn’t smell like anything, so if you start to detect a strong or foul odor, it needs to be inspected, as it’s most likely mold or mildew buildup on the inside.

Contact Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air

Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery that should not be tampered with. If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional for help immediately. Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air specializes in HVAC systems, so contact us today if you need our help.

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