Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working

Now that the holidays are almost here, you want to ensure your furnace is fully functional so you and your family stay warm. It can be frustrating to turn on your furnace only to remain cold. You might have tried to resolve your problem independently, yet you’ve come up short. There are three main reasons your furnace may not be working, all of which we’d like to describe.

1. Dirty Filters

If your furnace is technically working but isn’t heating up your home, your filters may be dirty. Dirty filters can interrupt or even block airflow, meaning you’ll never feel the full amount of heat. When filters aren’t cleaned out for dust every once in a while, it can accumulate and eventually stop your home from staying warm.

2. Poor Thermostat

Sometimes, the furnace isn’t the issue, but rather the thermostat. If your furnace is indeed blowing out heat as it should, but you don’t feel it, your thermostat may not be functioning properly. As a test, you could set your thermostat to the highest degree for a few minutes and see how that feels. Your furnace shouldn’t have to overwork itself to heat your home, so be sure to ask an HVAC professional if your thermostat is the problem.

3. No Power

Your furnace runs on electricity, and if your furnace isn’t getting any power, it can’t operate at all. Check your breaker to see if it has tripped, and if it hasn’t, then that means your furnace, for some reason, isn’t getting power. It can be risky to resolve this problem yourself, so have a professional investigate for you.

We’re Here to Help

We don’t want you to be cold this holiday season. Contact us today at Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air so we can determine why your furnace isn’t working and resolve the problem efficiently.