Exploring Hot Water Solutions for Your Home

If your water heater has surpassed the 10-year mark without proper maintenance, it might be nearing the end of its lifespan. Signs of leakage or rust indicate a pressing need for replacement. Before facing a sudden hot water crisis, exploring your options is wise.

Consider investing in a more efficient storage water heater when replacing a conventional water heater. Manufacturers like GE, Kenmore, Rheem, and Whirlpool offer a range of options. Look for the yellow energy tag for efficiency information, comparing it against the average for models in the same size range. A side-by-side comparison of efficient storage heaters and tankless options is worthwhile.

Manufacturer Profiles

  1. GE: General Electric produces gas and electric water heaters, offering various sizes with energy-efficiency claims and multiple warranty coverage levels. Their tank water heaters are exclusively available at Home Depot.
  2. Kenmore: Manufacturing both gas and electric water heaters, Kenmore provides options in multiple sizes, including Power Miser and Hydrosense electronic-temperature-control configurations, available at Sears.
  3. Rheem: Known for gas and electric water heaters, Rheem offers residential options in tank, tankless, and point-of-use configurations. Rheem water heaters come in various sizes with multiple warranties, and their tankless models are available at Home Depot.
  4. Whirlpool: Whirlpool manufactures gas and electric water heaters in multiple sizes and configurations with tank options. Whirlpool water heaters can be found at Lowe’s.

Before deciding, compare these leading brands to find the hot water solution that best fits your needs. For more in-depth comparison data, visit ConsumerReports.org or call Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air to ask about their recommendations.

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