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As the summer season approaches, with temperatures predicted to exceed 90 degrees, it’s vital to ensure you’re protected from the heat without incurring unnecessary costs.

Enhance Your A/C’s Energy Efficiency with These Tips

Understanding how your air conditioning unit operates can significantly lower your energy expenditure. Below, we share crucial maintenance advice to reduce your bills and maintain the optimal efficiency of your unit:

Frequent Filter Changes

Dust and other particles can block air filters, hindering your home’s cooling efficiency. Neglecting to clear these particles forces your A/C to expend more energy for diminished cooling. Ensure you clean or switch out your air filters every two to three months.

Keep the Unit’s Surroundings Tidy

Objects surrounding your A/C can impede airflow into your residence. It’s advisable to maintain a debris-free area around your air conditioning unit.

Update Your A/C’s Fuses

Fuses are crucial for safeguarding your A/C against electrical issues. Confirm they’re in working order, ideally by having a professional replace them at each season’s onset.

Temperature Adjustments

Adjust your A/C settings before leaving your home, or use a pre-programmed schedule to increase your thermostat setting.

Opt for Auto Fan Setting

Selecting the Auto setting for your A/C ensures the fan operates only during cooling, conserving energy.

Annual A/C Check-ups

It’s beneficial to arrange for a professional maintenance check on your A/C annually to prevent future, more costly issues.

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