Is Your Furnace Filter Dirty?

Furnace Filter Replacement

a-forced air heating system filtersAny forced air heating system is equipped with a filter, usually located next to the blower on your equipment.  Have your reliable Pleasanton heating contractor show you the filter, or refer to your equipment manual.  Disposable filters should be replaced, and the old ones discarded, every month during heating season.

Is your furnace filter dirty?  If you can see through it, it’s fine.  Hold it up to the light.  If you have no pets, carpets, or upholstery, your system may not draw up as many pollutants that will clog a filter.  But most peiple need to replace their filter every month.

If you have an ionizing filter – an air-cleaning device that gives tiny particles a charge that makes them stick to the surface of the filter until they are cleaned off – it is not disposable, but needs to be cleaned regularly.

Ducts, Vents, and Registers

Warm air (and cool air, if you have a central air system that uses the same ducts) comes into your living spaces through vents and/or registers.  These need to be clean an unobstructed by furnishings and drapes.

Before any heating or cooling season, (and a good tip to do at the beginning of January and each month to follow), make sure that no furnishings block the vents or registers.  Vacuum any dust, debris, or pet hair that accumulates on these outlets; remember the forced hot or cold air will blow this stuff around your house if you don’t remove it!

Every couple of years you should have your heating/cooling ducts professionally cleaned.  This process not only vacuum-cleans these passageways, but also removes any pollutants such as mold or mildew.

Cleaning Radiators

Use the brush or the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner to keep your radiators and baseboard heaters clean.  Be careful not to bend or damage the little aluminum fins on modern baseboard units.  And don’t use the tops of radiators for storage!  Let the heat flow.

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