Try a Fish-Hook Remover for Simple Clogs

Dealing with simple clogs

zip-it-simple-clog-helperIf you can’t find the clog in the pop-out or the trap, you can remove the P-trap and P-trap arm as one unit and clean out the drain line in the wall.

Note:  This is usually where you will find a ring if it accidentally falls into the drain.  Try not to run any water down the drain while waiting on the Pleasanton plumber.

Unscrew the slip nut from the tailpiece (the pipe that comes down from the sink drain).  Then loosen the nut that holds the trap arm in the wall.

  1. Drop the trap from the tailpiece and work the trap arm out of the wall orifice.
  2. Many times the clog is at the elbow or tee immediately behind the wall.  Using a flashlight, look into the drainpipe that goes into the wall.  Even if you can’t see a clog, try inserting a bent coat hanger into the opening and give it a couple of twists.  You might be able to grab accumulated hair with this tool and technique.  You can also try a fish-hook remover (sold where any fishing supplies are sold), or rod the line with a small auger that can be easily found at your local Pleasanton plumbing supply store.
  3. Use any type of grabber mechanism you find practical to pull out the obstruction.  (Needle-nose type pliers work very well, as will a bent metal coat hanger).

WHAT THE PROS KNOW:  Some sinks, such as bowl sinks, do not have a pop-up drain assembly.  For these models you can often auger straight down into the vertical part of the trap.  However, your cable may not be able to get through the trap itself.  Be sure to check the drainpipes for leaks after you’ve tried sufficient attempts to auger the drains.

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