Facts About Your Air Conditioner

22660358_sIt is almost the time of year when the number one most important appliance in your home is your air conditioner. As the spring months wear on and give way to the summer heat, being comfortable inside of your home is a priority.

Here are some things that you should know about your air conditioner in order to beat the heat:

Filters. If the filters in your air conditioner are dirty this “clog” will severely diminish the efficiency of the unit. It is important to either clean or completely replace dirty air conditioning air filters regularly. On the filter there should be a minimum efficiency rating, the higher the number the greater the filtration. Also, there should be a schedule on the filter that recommends a change schedule to follow.

Ducts. More than 30% of airflow can be lost through leaks in the ducts. Window units are notorious for leaking air around the window seal and use more power to keep the room cool. The best way to find an air leak related to your air conditioner is by using smoke. Light a stick of incense and hold it near or around your window air conditioner. If the smoke blows then you know where the leak is.

Timers. If you are at work all day or away for a few days or you go away on vacation there is no need to have your air conditioner set on full blast. Instead, use a timer on a programmable thermostat and you can set higher temperatures for when you are away and lower when you’re going to be home. For window units you can either attach a timer, as long as it matches your unit’s voltage.

Insulate. If your home has an attic or crawl spaces the ducts should be thoroughly insulated to keep the cool air in. There are a variety of insulation options for these applications such as spray foam, rigid-foam, or batt insulation.

Compressor. Outside of your home close to the foundation is your air conditioner’s compressor. This appliance works best when it is installed with 24 inches around the unit away from shrubs, leaves, and hanging branches. Also, the compressor unit should be installed out of direct sunlight to ensure the most efficient usage.

To make sure that your home keeps optimal temperature, keep track of these tips.

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