Reasons To Change Your Air Filter

Spring is the season when pollen and other allergens fly around in the air and cause allergy suffers utter misery. This is especially true when the allergens make their way indoors.

The quality of your indoor air can be just as bad, if not worse, than the air outdoors. Luckily, inside of your home you can do things to clean your indoor air, protecting you and your family from those irritating allergens.

The air filter in your home is designed to trap allergens, pollen, and other microscopic irritants as they fly around your home. But, as with any filter your home’s air filter needs to be changed regularly.

Here are some reasons to keep a clean air filter in your home:

It has been reported by the EPA that the #1 cause for HVAC failure is a dirty air filter. When your air filter is full of gunk it is nearly impossible for air to get through your system’s handler. This causes the motor to be overworked and eventually it will burnout. A new HVAC system can be quite expensive, it is always better to properly maintain your existing system.

Here are some reasons to always keep your air filter changed and clean:

A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner motor to have to work too hard. It will eventually burnout and overheat.

A dirty air filter can have a negative impact on the overall efficiency of your system. If the air filter is dirty, the motor has to work harder and will consume more energy.

A dirty air filter will reduce the overall quality of the air inside of your home. When the air filter is clogged with pollen and other particles it cannot continue to trap additional irritants that are flying around in your home, thus leaving you with poor indoor air quality.

A dirty air filter can lead to needing to replace your HVAC system sooner than expected. When the motor in your system has to work harder it takes a toll and reduces the life expectancy of the system.

To ensure that your air conditioner is working efficiently and effectively, make sure to regularly change or clean the air filter.

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