Do This Before You Begin Your Holiday Meal Preparation

18735716_sWhen you have house guests you like your home to look nice, right? During the fall season it is a favorite activity to host friends and family for all sorts of activities but, especially to eat. But, what happens if you have a house full of people, who are expecting a delicious home cooked meal, and you suddenly have a clog in your kitchen sink?

This time of year is very busy for professional plumbers because many people use their kitchen more this time of year than any other. In fact, throughout the year the kitchen gets used very little because of busy schedules and warm weather than allows more outdoor cooking.

Proper, year around maintenance is essential to keeping your kitchen plumbing working properly – even if you don’t use your kitchen very often. And, if you have a bathroom in your home that doesn’t get used often, it could be hiding some plumbing issues.

With the pending visits that you have scheduled this fall, make sure that your plumbing system is up to the task by following these tips:

  • Check all of the faucets in your home for leaks. This is especially true in the bathrooms of your home that don’t get used very often. A dripping sink can go unnoticed for quite some time if no one is using it.
  • As a general rule, it is not a good idea to use drain cleaning chemicals. If your drain gets clogged, using a chemical drain cleaning product can be very damaging to your plumbing system. The chemical goes down the drain and then collects on one side of the clog and (very slowly) eats away at the clog … and your pipes.
  • To clean your toilets, it is better to use products that you put in the bowl rather than leave resting in the tank. Inside of the tank of your toilet are rubber gaskets that work to seal off the flapper and allow the tank to re-fill after the toilet has been flushed.

If you have company coming this month, check-in on your plumbing system to make sure there aren’t any small issues that could escalate. Add a couple of these tips to your to-do lists in the coming weeks and your plumbing system will be in top shape!

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