3 Tips For Holiday Decorating Safety

15579510_sDuring these holiday months, most people are out shopping for bargains and dragging boxes and bags of decorations out from storage.

This is the time of year when many homes start to transform into meccas of holiday cheer and much of that is done by using a fair amount of electricity.

In fact, this time of year there is more electricity used in many homes than any other months out of the year. Extra electricity is needed to keep the temperature in the house comfortable as the outdoor weather gets more and more harsh, and many holiday decorations require electricity.

Did you know that even your water heater has to work harder during the cold weather months? As the temperatures drop, the water inside of your water heater is cooled faster and therefore needs to be heated up more often.

Make sure that you and your family are following these tips for safely using electricity:

  • For those of you who decorate your yard and place lights on your outdoor bushes or trees, make sure these are well-watered at their base. The cold weather can be drying for some plants and the more dry they get the more risk there is for fire. This is true for any live trees inside of your home that you put lights on. Make sure the lights are labeled by Underwriters Laboratory and that the tree is given plenty of water.
  • For some holiday traditions candles are included. These items are especially hazardous if not used properly. Make sure that any small children in the home cannot reach a lit candle. Keep the candle on a surface that is flat and sturdy. If a pet came by and bumped into the stand for the candle, a house fire could easily be started.
  • Never use extension cords as a form of permanent electricity. Use surge protectors or power strips for plugging several items in at one location. Extension cords are not designed to be in place for long periods of time. Always unplug any holiday decorations before you go to bed at night and when you leave the house.

There are a whole host of activities around the house that require electricity during these holiday months, not the least of which is your holiday decorations.

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