How to Configure Tankless Water Heaters in a Large Home

If you’re tired of running out of hot water at the worst possible times, changing out your tank-based water heater system for a tankless model may seem like the ideal solution. However, these systems have a reputation of being ill-suited to larger homes. Yes, they provide hot water on demand, but they have somewhat limited delivery if multiple people need to use hot water at the same time.

A tankless hot water system may not seem ideal for a large home with a big kitchen, heavy-duty water appliances, and multiple bathrooms, but it is very possible to take advantage of tankless water heating in a large home.

Multiple Units Can Still Save Money

While most homeowners choose to install tankless water heater systems for the energy savings and the ability to have hot water on demand whenever they need it, an additional benefit these systems offer is saved space. Water heater tanks are large and bulky, and replacing them with tankless systems can offer additional storage space.

The small size of most tankless water heating systems means it can be quite easy to install multiple units throughout a larger home to ensure every bathroom, water appliance, and the kitchen have access to hot water at any given time.

Long-Term Value

Installing multiple tankless water heater systems may come at a slightly higher cost than installing a new tank-based system, but the tradeoff may more than justify the price of installation. Instead of contending with the limitations a tank-based system presents for your large home, several smaller tankless units can provide hot water on demand for your whole house as well as significant energy savings for years to come.

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