Is Your AC Failing to Keep Your Home Cool? Address These Four Issues First

With daily highs in the 80s for the summer and early fall months, this is peak air conditioner use season here in northern California. In fact, there’s little better after the long, hot, days and warm summer nights than to kick back in the relaxing comfort of your home’s air conditioning. Conversely, there are few worse feelings than walking into your home expecting a cool, comfortable space, only to be met with a blast of warm, stuffy air.

If you’ve recently noticed your air conditioner struggling to cool your home, it may be time to call a trusted technician like Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air. First, however, take a few minutes to see if some simple DIY fixes do the trick:

  1. Check the filter. Locate your HVAC filter, usually on a wall or ceiling, and associated with your cold air return. If you haven’t replaced your filter in the past 90 days – or if it has gathered enough dust and debris so that it is no longer translucent – it’s time for a change. If your area is particularly dusty or if you live with pets, consider changing more often.
  2. Inspect for dust and debris. Switch off the circuit breaker and head outdoors to inspect your exterior AC unit – it should be relatively free of dirt, dead leaves, insects, and the like, which can block airflow. If you have excess buildup, you can use a brush to remove dirt from the grates or spray with a garden hose to wash away debris.
  3. Ensure your unit hasn’t frozen. If you notice excessive frost on the copper coils of your unit – or even icicles and visible ice on its exterior – your unit has frozen over. Turn off the cooling element and operate only the fan for several hours until the ice has thawed; never run a frozen air conditioner on cool – you risk ruining your compressor and causing more serious issues.
  4. Be realistic. If your air conditioner seems to be working and is blowing cool air in all rooms of your home, you may simply have a unit that is inadequate for your home’s size. Alternatively, you may be expecting too much from your unit – typically, air conditioners perform best when set at levels no cooler than 20 degrees below the outdoor temp.

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, or these simple fixes don’t address the problem, it’s time to contact Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our expert technicians can identify your AC problem and fix it in no time, leaving you with the cool, comfortable home you deserve. Call (925) 846-6000 today.

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