Perks of Paying Attention to Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become integrated into our lifestyle, especially out here in the dry, hot summers. It seems like air conditioning is so ubiquitous that we nearly never think about it—until something is not working. At that point, it seems like our whole life revolves around the AC until the problem is fixed.

There are many perks of simple, routine maintenance and giving just a little bit of attention to your air conditioning. Over here at Rivers Plumbing, Heating, & Air, we can assist in any part of the process, whether it be just helping you understand how you can get the most out of your AC or retrofitting your ventilation and air conditioning for optimal benefits. 

The Economics

Unless it’s broken, why would you want to think about your air conditioner? Nobody wants to spend extra money on upkeep—but the more you invest now, the more you will benefit later. Having proper air conditioning can reduce your energy bill by significant amounts, especially in the hot and dry summers. It’s not surprising that all over the country, energy bills are exceptionally high in the summer due to people using their air conditioning all the time, at full blast.

It doesn’t have to be that bad—if you pay more attention to your air conditioner, you will save money. At the beginning of the summer, in particular, remove the case from the outside of your air conditioning unit to allow more efficient air intake. This way, the machine doesn’t have to work as hard and will operate using less energy. 

Replacing an Air Conditioner

Fully replacing your air conditioner is an investment. But, the typical lifespan of an AC unit is about 15 years, and less than that if you’ve been neglecting it. If you choose to invest in a new air conditioner, technology will be better and more efficient than the one you have now. Contact us at Rivers Plumbing, Heating & Air, and we’ll come to find a nice shady spot to install an air conditioner to get you through the summer. We would be happy to come to assess your home and help you better understand what we can do together to create a solution for your home.

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