How Hard Water Can Damage Your Home

Hard water is characterized by its mineral composition. Large amounts of calcium, iron and various other substances can cause serious damage to the piping of your home through mineral buildup.

If you have hard water, one of the first locations you are likely to see evidence of buildup is the toilets. Water sits in the bowl of the toilet all day, making it an easy location for minerals to be deposited and sit at the bottom. After a while, you’ll start to see brown, gray, or other forms of discoloration forming on the toilet around the water after a period of time.

These minerals are extremely damaging to all home appliances, which take a large throughput of water. Hot water systems are one of the most susceptible to damage from constant hard water stain as the boiler mechanism acts to separate calcium and magnesium from the water as an unintentional side effect. This also greatly reduces the efficiency of hot water heaters, making them take up to 30% more power to run overall.

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You can reduce hard water problems by installing a water softening system in your house. These systems filter the water to prevent toxins and large quantities of minerals from affecting your home. You can also ask HVAC service technicians about periodically flushing out the HVAC system to see if you would benefit from having it flushed regularly.

At Rivers Plumbing Heating & AC, we understand that tackling hard water can be a challenge for any homeowner. We are experienced in installing water applications for water softening systems and can inform you if the hard water in your home is negatively impacting your HVAC unit. Contact us if you are worried about HVAC or plumbing problems in the Pleasanton, California area today.

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