Spend Less and Stay Cool With a More Efficient A/C Unit

With the summer heat on its way and temperatures sure to surpass 90 degrees, protection from the heat is essential – but that doesn’t mean it should cost you more than it has to.

Tips to Make Your A/C Unit More Energy Efficient

The price we pay on our energy bills can be greatly reduced by knowing the ins and outs of your A/C unit. Here are some valuable maintenance tips to keep your costs down and your unit up and running efficiently:

Regularly Replace Filters – Air filters can easily become clogged with debris that impacts the ability of your home to properly cool. By failing to clean out this debris, your AC unit is forced to work harder and produces less results. It is important to regularly clean or replace your air filters every 2-3 months.

Maintain a Clean Space Around the Unit – Clutter around an A/C unit can reduce the airflow to your home. It is best to keep the area around your A/C unit as clean as possible.

Buy New Fuses for Your A/C UnitFuses help protect your A/C unit from electrical damage. It is important to ensure they are functioning correctly. It’s best to have a handyman replace these for you at the start of each season.

Adjust the TemperatureAlways remember to pre-program your A/C unit or turn your thermostat up when leaving your house.

Turn the Fan to Auto – By setting your A/C unit to Auto, you are ensuring the fan is only running during cooling cycles.

Schedule Yearly Maintenance – Remember to schedule a handyman to do a yearly check-up on your A/C unit to avoid potentially higher costs in the future.

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